Farm Photos Come to Seoul

Posted March 1, 2013

The Final Straw documentary has so far enjoyed great support here in Seoul! In between our editing tasks this week, Suhee and I installed a joint photo exhibition at Space Noah, and also had a few dozen of our handmade photo cards go on display as the ‘seasonal exhibit’ at Cafe Oui. Our thought? Stand […]

Up Through the Clouds

Posted February 1, 2013

How wonderful it is to see the sun in a cup of makkoli with the Isim coffee master. Such is the ‘drinking communication’ in Korean and Japanese culture.

Social Working Space in Seoul

Posted January 20, 2013

The Final Straw documentary team in Korea (aka, Suhee and Patrick) needed a place to set up camp in Seoul, and for a while it seemed like we were out of luck in terms of finding cheap, shared office space here. It’s not as if we didn’t have amazing people trying to help out, fellow […]

Connecting Two Farmers in South Korea

Posted January 7, 2013

Yesterday was a pretty darned happy day for us here in Korea. In April of last year, we first visited with the leading natural farmer in Korea, Mr. Seonghyun Choi (최성현), and at the same time, we took our cameras to a relatively new farmer, Mr. Ryeo-seok Hong. Hong was in his third year of natural […]

Budding Italian Natural Farmers

Posted December 29, 2012

Having just planned my exit from leisurely several days in Luzern, Switzerland, I found myself contemplating the 26-hour travel journey which awaited me: Luzern -> Milan via train Milan -> Istanbul via air Istanbul -> Incheon via air Incheon -> Seoul via train But what also awaited me — in Milan — were two young […]

Interview with Larry Korn

Posted November 17, 2012

This is a bit of great news, yet it’s also old news now. To my credit, at the time I was on the craziest 4-week schedule in recent memory, shooting amazing gigs for ZERO1 and Nova Jiang, clearing out and selling off everything in my studio, and moving to Edinburgh to dig into the Art, […]

The Little Peach Boy (Momotaro)

Posted November 12, 2012

Several years ago in my hometown of San Jose, California, I came upon a curious statue along the Guadalupe Creek, behind a huge performing arts center, and further tucked away under a maple tree. This statue was one of my first encounters with any kind of Japanese culture in my hometown, before my first trip […]

Yoshikazu Kawaguchi’s Natural Farm

Posted October 26, 2012

In our second visit to Kawaguchi’s home farm — the first was in May of this year — we enjoyed tea and a more informal chat than on our previous visit. Lately, Kawaguchi-san has spent his mornings working on finishing a book, and although he has written and published many well-read books, he says this is […]

Harvesting Rice by Hand in Korea

Posted October 15, 2012

It’s been a busy month or so… to catch everyone up, I’ve started a unique MFA program at the University of Edinburgh called “Art, Space & Nature” which works between the disciplines of art, architecture, and ecology. It’s a good match for the natural farming research and imagery I’ve been gathering the past year or […]

The Final Straw Project

Posted July 27, 2012

The Final Straw is a project which sets out to both examine and further the art of Natural Farming as practiced in Japan and Korea, where it has taken shape as a philosophy of respect for nature, rather than just a technical farming methodology.