Dumulmeori Farm

Posted May 3, 2012

With one of the farmers suddenly too busy to meet with us, a broken camera body, and malfunctioning lens, it hasn’t been all roses the past week out here. Luckily, we’ve been able to get some other interviews and Suhee knew a very kind (and inexpensive) camera repair man who was able to fix the […]

Traditional Korean Heating System

Posted April 23, 2012

Our sleeping experience on the farm in Hongcheon was a unique one in that we were in a very traditional house. Many Koreans sleep on the floor, and this night provided no exception, but the truly unique thing was in how the heating is provided. I’ve seen a few homes in the U.S. which are […]

Our First Farm Visit in Korea

Posted April 23, 2012

Just returned to Seoul this afternoon from a beautiful mountainside farm in Hongcheon, a few hours outside of Seoul (by train and bus). The owner of the farm, Gaeguri, is not only a natural farmer, but an author on the topic as well. He was also one of the first in South Korea to take up Natural […]