Final Straw Event Recap: Seoul

Suhee and I produced a lecture in Seoul this month, partly to raise awareness for The Final Straw, and partly to spread knowledge about natural farming concepts… but it was also a chance to connect with the city, to tell the story of what on earth natural farming has to do with office workers and apartment-tower dwellers (answer: a whole lot!)

The lecture event included an overview of The Final Straw documentary project, a musical set by Pang, and keynote from South Korean natural farmer, Ryosok Hong. Turnout was more than we expected, with around 80 people showing up from a diverse range of backgrounds. Here are a few photos and the event poster (in Korean):

The Final Straw: Natural Farming Lecture with Ryosok Hong in Seoul, South Korea.

Next month I will be heading to Japan to spend a week traveling with the Art, Space & Nature Program Director from University of Edinburgh, and the wonderful folks at Aichi University of the Arts in Nagoya. We’ll be looking at the school’s farm, and also interfacing with the community where I will be in residence this summer to finish the film and also be given an opportunity to produce interactive, community-based artwork.

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