In the Media

Being a small two-person team, we aren’t able to do a whole lot of PR work, but below are some bits of media coverage and interviews which have come out during our filming work and community-based ecology projects.

How to Get Along with Nature
Review of Film Screening and Mandala Workshop at Suwon Media Center
2017 March | Suwon News (Korean)

Connecting to Life with Natural Farming in Megijima
2016 September | Shikoku Shinbun / Newspaper (Japanese)

Interview with the Filmmakers
2016 February | Kimchi and Basil

Enlightenment Begins when Everything is Connected
2015 October | Huffington Post (Korean)

Happiness in a Slow Life – The Story of Final Straw
page 1-2 | 3-4 | 5-6 | 7-8
2015 October | ROAD Magazine (Korean)

Small Talk with Documentary Filmmakers Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang
Print Version | Online Version
2015 September | Bar and Dining Magazine (Korean)

Bar and Dining Magazine - Small Talk feature about Final Straw and REALtimeFOOD

Bar and Dining Magazine “Small Talk” feature

Eco Farming. A Beautifully Poetic Look at our Food and Environment…
2015 July/August | Clean Eating Magazine (English)

Urban Farm and Art in Osaka
2015 July | Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese)

It’s Easy: Sharing Culture at Small House in Daejeon
2015 March | Magazine TOMATO (Korean)

Living with Nature: Everything is Connected (모든 것 이 하나씩연결되어 있다)
2014 August | Magazine TOMATO (Korean)

Special: Tomorrow’s Food Culture
2014 January | ESSEN Magazine (Korean)

Final Straw Feature in Essen Magazine, Korea

Final Straw Feature in Essen Magazine, Korea

MFA project presented at Setouchi International Triennale
2013 December | Edinburgh College of Art

잡초도 함께 키우는 게 바른 농사법
2013 March | Danbi News (Korean)

Comparing Japanese and Scottish islands
2013 July | University of Edinburgh

Magazine p.1 | Magazine p.2 | ‘We are Farmers’ – Online Version
2013 July | ESSEN Magazine (Korean)

2013 July | OHK TV (Japanese)