A Natural Farming Event with Lexus?

Posted December 26, 2019

We had a surprising request from a car company who wants to support young regenerative farmers…

Parts of a Whole: Building a Nature Mandala

Posted April 1, 2017

It’s difficult to see in practice, how our individual voice makes up one part of a beautiful whole. The nature mandala workshop helps us experience this…

Korea’s EDU Farm Conference

Patrick and Suhee speak about their Final Straw project at the EDUfarm conference in Seoul, South Korea (photo: Saerom Suh)

Posted January 23, 2015

Film excerpts and talk about the Final Straw to a great group of people in Korea…

2014 Year in Review

A snow covered farm at dusk in Hongcheon, South Korea (P.M. Lydon, FinalStraw | CC BY-SA)

Posted January 17, 2015

Holiday greetings from the Final Straw! Here’s what we’ve been up to this year…

Update from Korea: Change Starts with You

Feedback session at Space Noah in Seoul, Korea

Posted September 1, 2014

There needs to be a tremendous change in the way we live our lives… the Final Straw offers us a place to start.

Residency in Daejeon, Korea

The "Small House" residency space in Daejeon

Posted July 6, 2014

We will be in Daejeon July and August to finish editing and script translation work…

In Korea, Rice Planting 2014

Posted June 16, 2014

This year’s lines of planted rice actually tended to look like kids drawings, perhaps because Patrick was helping…

2013 Year in Review

Posted December 28, 2013

We hope you’ll enjoy this ‘thank you,’ and a photo and word overview of our major milestones during 2013…

Sneak Peek – Seonghyun Choi, South Korea

Posted May 24, 2013

Traditional Korean Heating System

Posted April 23, 2012

Our sleeping experience on the farm in Hongcheon was a unique one in that we were in a very traditional house. Many Koreans sleep on the floor, and this night provided no exception, but the truly unique thing was in how the heating is provided. I’ve seen a few homes in the U.S. which are […]